Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Favorite Place

We just got back from spending a few days in my favorite place in the whole world: Door County, WI. For those of you who are not familiar, Door County is the "thumb" of Wisconsin. It is a pristine area. There are a number of small towns with just a few hundred people in each. We like to stay in Sister Bay. The sunset above was taken in Sister Bay our last night there.

I absolutely adore Door County. I like the pace we keep up there, very slow and relaxed. We rarely have some place to be at any particular time and it allows us to just be a family. I have so much fun hanging with the Hubs and daughter. My MIL came too and I think she had a good time with us.

One of our big traditions is to play mini golf. We always go to the same spot, Pirate's Cove. We always go after watching a sunset in Sister Bay. And my husband always wins. This year my MIL was dominating the first few holes but then the Hubs got his game on. I did manage to come in third place and I even hit a hole in one! In fact, I think we all hit a hole in one at some point. The funny thing is, the only place we play putt-putt is in Door County. We have several courses right around us but it never occurs to any of us to go play. We really should, we always have a good time.

This picture, sillly as it is, really captures Door County for me. It was taken at sunset in Sister Bay. The picture really shows how much we relax and let loose on vacation. The two of them just having a good time and making each other laugh. And me taking the time to take a silly picture instead of one that is a little more posed. I did take a really nice one of Hubs and daughter but I thought this one really captured them so much better. I'm thinking Christmas card. What do you think?