Tuesday, July 26, 2011

125 Blocks

It really seems that a pile of 125 nine patch blocks should be larger or taller or more substanial somehow. But, sadly, it is not. These are the blocks I have put together for a Miss Rosie's pattern called Wayne and Gordy. This has been a very easy pattern and fun to put together, as all Miss Rosie's are, but I really haven't taken much time with this one. I started this quilt waaaay back this winter at a Calico, Canvas, and Colors retreat. Then, it got put aside as life took over. I have decided to make it for my older brother who is recently divorced. So, my goal is to have this puppy pieced and borders added this week. Then, I can get it sent off to be quilted and voila! My brother has a Christmas present!

I'll be back with a photo of the pieced quilt soon...I hope!

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