Thursday, July 28, 2011

Don't be fooled!

The first picture you see is of my sweet kitty named Sophie. We adopted her and her sister Reggie from a student of mine when they were teeny tiny kittens. They are both wonderful cats...most of the time.

This picture of Sophie has her laying on the kitchen table, enjoying a sunbath and a nap. Just overall looking cute, sweet and innocent. Do not be fooled! This cat is a menace.

You need proof, you say? Alright, I present picture two for your consideration. That is, or was, a $12 ball of yarn, destined to be a beautiful scarf. I had it on my cutting table, a good four feet off the floor. Sophie somehow managed to haul her rather ample butt up there, grab hold of the yarn, and begin eating it!She got from my craft room, down the hall, around a corner, and into the upstairs tv room with this yarn halfway down her gullet! What kept her from eating the whole thing? My husband noticed her and scared the yarn right out of her. The damage? A good 3 yards of that yarn are now covered in...something. I think it might be a mixture of cat spit and bile. EWWWW!!!

Anyway, so much for the plan to knit a pretty scarf. I'm not sure I have enough clean yarn left to do the pattern I was thinking of.

*sigh* Damn cat.


  1. What a nice blog you have here Jen. I knew by only looking at those two photos what the story would say as I grew up with cats in the house and a mother that sewed and crocheted! LOL

    I laughed at the toilet in the bathroom because I am buying the tile this weekend to start our master bathroom renovation - new floor & shower tile! UGH - guess I need to make space for a toilet in the bedroom.

  2. Very cute story... I have a kitty that have done the same thing :):):)